Should be carefully drafted by both landlord and tenant. The tenant will not want to be precluded from the business uses that they are engaged in at time of entering into the lease, and will want to reserve the right to include permitted uses which it may intend/foresee engaging in, in the future. The landlord will want to prevent activities that will be illegal, environmentally unfriendly, reduce the privacy or quiet enjoyment of other tenants, or breach an exclusivity or non-competition agreement between the landlord and some other tenant. Sometimes non-compete clauses are built into this section. For example, in a strip mall a coffee shop owner may require that no other tenants be permitted to carry on business as a coffee shop in the same strip mall. That non-compete clause would then be placed in all the leases of the other tenants of that strip mall. A landlord reserves a right to do due diligence. The security deposit may increase depending on the risk posed by the tenant business plan and risk. Landlords want to limit this as much as possible.