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Migrating to anywhere is fast and easy, with our support. You put your data where you need it. We don't need to store or own a single word of your docs.


Distributed teams, new hires, worker turnover - we add continuity and expertise to the whole conversation. Get the edge in negotiations.


Redline, blackline, versioning. Living, animated documents used by professional lawyers. We build docs to last decades.


Google Drive, DocuSign, Salesforce, your own products, emails and even paper. Smart agreements, and a developer-friendly graphql API connect legal documents everywhere in your workflow.


Tools trusted by lawyers for over five years

Our lawyers and developers have worked together for years, solving practical problems. We've built machine learning and cloud technologies that are more than hype. We deliver what we promise. By combining proven best practices in software with expert-lead legal knowledge, you:

  • Have a user experience that just works.
  • Have support for Business Intelligence (BI) tools you use. SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft BI, Google Analytics, and more.
  • Apply proven software version control concepts, to quickly change, revert, compare, see what's missing against a standard, etc. “git” for contracts.
  • Build and understand contracts fast.
  • Enjoy legal tech that looks beautiful.
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Frictionless Workflow

Store data where it needs to be, keep workflow that works.

Want to send notes on a contract in an email? That's fine by us. Our software tracks, versions, and sends out all the changes made from dozens of integration points. Email, text message, SaaS offerings, even fax. Email to Clausehound and those comments and changes get tracked. Download a PDF, and the contracts use your style, with the same headers, fonts, and layout.

We're strong believers in supporting the cloud, not our cloud. While other solutions may demand you do things their way - from retraining everyone on their processes, to their cloud owning all your assets - we're built to work with you.

  • Keep docs somewhere modern - Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Keep docs in legacy, eg AS/400 mainframes running COBOL
  • Privacy and security by design. Don't save a single word of your contracts with us if you don't want to.
  • Execute your contracts with industry-standard smart agreements
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Understand and Translate

Translate legalese to legal understanding

Hide the contract details for simple summaries and abstracts. Compare 2, 3, or 10 contracts against each other at once. See what’s included in similar contracts that you may want to consider for yours.

Ever try to copy + paste a contract into an online language translator, then translate it back? I'd bet you'd be unhappy with the results. Those translators don't understand legal language. We do. Our machine learning can load and understand your English contract and convert every clause into a legal concept. We'll then instantly make a human-written translation for any target language in our system (English, French, Arabic), or help you write new translations.

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