The definition of confidential information will lay out the scope of the information that is to be protected by the non-disclosure agreement. The information to be included as 'confidential' is usually defined either by the method in which it is disclosed, or by the nature of the information. Examples of information defined by the method in which it is disclosed include: 'all information disclosed to an employee during the term of employment', 'all information marked as confidential', 'information disclosed in any way' etc. Definitions based on the nature of the information, for example, include personal information of the employees, contractors, officers, etc. of the company (this may also be subject to privacy legislation requirements eg. PIPEDA in Canada). It may also include any proprietary information which is information that is solely owned by the company. Some examples of proprietary information include: work product, product information, financial Information, business and marketing plans, registered or registrable intellectual property, process or manufacturing information, compensation information, third party confidential information, and/or technical information related to computer systems and software.