The parties may wish to include clauses dealing with any improvements, renovations or alterations the tenant may wish to undertake during the term of the lease. The tenant would likely want to preserve the right to make alterations or improvements and the landlord would likely want to ensure that any alterations, improvements or renovations are not too extensive, properly done and do not negatively affect the value of the unit. Often this is achieved by way of an approval mechanism where any improvements, alterations or renovations beyond minor upkeep and repairs proposed by the tenant require the consent of the landlord. The landlord may also reserve the right to approve the contractors who will do the improvements, alterations or renovations and any other items the parties deem appropriate. The extent of the allowable renovations, improvements or alterations the tenant can undertake and the level of involvement of the landlord are negotiable points depending on the state of the premises and the business of the tenant.